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Swim Drill Videos

Hops, Whirlpools, Shoulder Thangs and Stretches (or Wacky Warm-ups) by Coach Emmett Hines

The following videos illustrate a warm-up routine that we have been using for several years. The "Wacky Warm-Ups" were developed in this format by one of the premiere Swim Coach's in the US, Emmett Hines. Emmett has written a detailed article which I encourage everyone to read which is at the link below. This material was first published in SWIM magazine circa 1998, Revised in 2001, and revised again to include video in 2010.  .

Hops, Etc. — Small Flashes

Hops, Etc. — Big Flashes

Hops, Etc. — Scoops

Hops, Etc. — Hops

Hops, Etc. — Whirlpools

Hops, Etc. — Streamline Stretch

Hops, Etc. — Pec Stretch

This Drill is intended to replicate Rough Water and crowded swim conditions. It was filmed at Woodcreek California in 2008 at the TNT Dave Scott Coach certification Clinic.

This Drill is intended to replicate the crowded start conditions in a Triathlon. We usually do a set of 4 or 6 starting very close together and starting the next length once the last swimmer arrives at the group.

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